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It doesn’t take long for the sun and precipitation to take their toll on the unprotected wood surface of your deck. Wood that doesn’t have sealed protection can quickly absorb morning dew, melting ice, and rainwater, which can all cause unwanted, unsightly swelling and softening. If you want to professionally clean and protect your deck, look no further than MCP’s deck cleaning and staining near you! Our technicians are here to restore your deck’s wood with a careful deep cleaning and staining process that eliminates all grime, stains, and algae without causing any damage to your deck’s surface.

Benefits Of Deck Cleaning And Staining Near You Services

If you want your wood deck to look its best, it’s important that you routinely clean and stain it. Regularly cleaning and staining your deck is the easiest, most effective way to make its appearance pop, and it’ll go a long way toward making it look as beautiful as the day it was first built. We offer a range of tints and colors when it comes to deck staining — whether you want your deck to look simple and natural by highlighting its grains or completely different by revamping it’s aesthetic, we have many options that suit what you’re looking for.

By choosing our deck cleaning and staining in Virginia Beach VA, you can avoid water damage. Staining wood – like painting it – mitigates water damage-related problems. Once water seeps deep into your deck, the moisture will promote the spread of unwanted organic growths like algae, which impact your health and safety. What’s more, wood decks that have soaked up too much water inevitably expand and require expensive repairs. It’s important to have your deck regularly cleaned and stained to avoid spending a fortune on costly repairs and premature replacement.

While regularly cleaning and staining your wood deck undoubtedly enhances its physical appearance and resistance to moisture, it’s also important for preventing pesky pest infestations and wood rot. Our technicians apply stains to protect your deck from intruding pests that will nest and eat away at the surface, and moisture that can lead to rot. Without routinely staining and cleaning your deck, you’re putting it at risk of accumulating harmful organic growths leading to sagging, cracking, and, eventually, complete collapses.

Trusted deck cleaning and staining Near You

At MCP Softwash and Painting, we provide trustworthy deck cleaning and staining near you, to help homeowners like yourself keep their decks looking great for as long as possible. Our technicians are committed to helping your deck remain moisture-free, which is essential to preventing warping and twisting. Warped and twisted wood decks are not only dangerous to walk on but require hugely expensive repairs to properly and completely repair. By helping you professionally clean and stain your deck, we’ll also ensure that your deck’s physical aesthetic remains as attractive as possible and protected from weather-related damage for longer!

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Mrs Hall

Deck Cleaning And Sealing Near You

Brian and his crew were very professional and always on time for the deck cleaning and staining job. We had our deck cleaned and stained. We’re very pleased with the work.
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M Newsome

Deck Cleaning And Sealing Near You

MCP Did a really great deck cleaning and sealing job on my deck project. What we really love about the service was the communication and professionalism that we experience the entire time. We knew everything that was going to happen when it was going to happen and exactly how it was going to happen. They were very professional every step of the way and the deck came out beautiful and the prices were very reasonable within my budget. We really appreciate it and we look forward to doing business in the future
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Tom Miller

Deck Cleaning And Sealing Near You

I received a quote for decking and sealing. They came on time, did the work, and were done. A portion of our deck is covered and has some furniture to move around, and that was done without any issue.

Frequently Asked
Deck Cleaning And Staining Questions

Decks typically lose their luster and the brightness of their color because the top layer of their wood fibers has become discolored. The common culprits behind this common discoloration are moisture from rain or snow, harmful UV rays from the sun, abrasive and corrosive chemicals, and pests such as termites.

It’s important that we wait until your deck is completely dry after a soft washing service before we begin to stain it. A common mistake that some businesses make is to begin staining a deck right after washing it. We typically wait up to two days and use moisture meters before we begin staining your deck for optimal and lasting results.

For a gorgeous and invigorating deck that lasts all year long, it is recommended you stain your decking every two to three years. However, this timeline is completely flexible and up to your discretion.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most affordable prices possible without skimping on quality. If you’re curious about how much you could save by working with us, reach out today, and we’ll send you a free, personalized quote within 24 hours!

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